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Clinic Management

By Ucheed Management Suite

About Clinic Management

Clinic Management Suite provides you with many features such as: 
Coded Research Questionnaire (translating any questionnaire or medical report into a structured and coded format)

Medical Algorithm Workflow (a unique ability to fully manage on its own programmed medical cases that have been built based on international guidelines.)

Smart EMR (making it possible for multiple users to access patient’s records from any location using a tablet during a bedside encounter, personal laptop / desktop or smart phone)

Registry (perceive what therapy is needed or available, and facilitates tracking the response of patients with various characteristics to the given treatment.)

Medical Mobile App (We specialize in developing mobile apps for polyclinics and hospitals.

Online Consultation (We provide a global solution that makes online consultations possible for the entire medical body of an institution)

Pathology Software (Pathology reports can be typed as free texts or editable text templates that are prepared once and saved.)

Endoscopy Software: (the possibility to customize and structure the endoscopy reports whether they are built in text or encoded format. )

Cardio Coded Report (the possibility to customize and structure any cardiology report. )

Why Clinic Management?


The many sections of this software all deal with the "health" area. 


It has a survey for research, a medical algorithm and workflow, a smart electronic medical record, online consultations, and cardio coded reports.

Providing Smart Medical Solutions

This software has the benefit of producing adaptable solutions...


that best meet the needs of the consumers. Also, It leads to an improvement in productivity and cost-effectiveness that benefits the owner.

Mobile App Accessibility

Customers are more likely to trust a user who has a mobile app. 


85% of adults think that a company’s website when viewed on a mobile device should be as good or better than its desktop website.

Ease of Use

The user is only able to check out various sections, such their home page...


Each user is able to check their solutions, and services in several languages.

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Coded Research Questionnaire

In order to save time, this data can be filled from multiple locations either by healthcare providers or patients themselves.

Online Consultation

Online consultations have been shown to increase the recruitment of patients because with this modality, it is possible to target a broader population independently of location and distance.

Endoscopy Software

Structuring of reports is of utmost importance and significantly improves the standards of medical practice by ensuring the completeness of information contained in a report.

Pathology Software

This software will make the pathology department paperless and electronically encoded, making data retrieval and medical statistics a few clicks away.


It is a web-based solution, making it possible for multiple users to access patient’s records from any location using a tablet during a bedside encounter, personal laptop / desktop or smart phone.

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