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Event Management

By Ucheed Management Suite

About Event Management

Event management is a range of skilled and experienced professionals that specialize in managing small and large-scale events either in person, virtually, or hybrid of the two.

Rather than the corporate entity throwing the event, the management company handles all the initial preparations, project management, running the event, and post-event follow-up. The event management company deals with the details for the event, including all key aspects of hospitality, social media, marketing, and all employment for the event.

The process’s purpose is to maximize the client’s return while also ensuring that people invited to participate want to return to future events.

Within the relationship between management and host company, the planner draws up and establishes an event management plan (EMP).

The EMP displays a program separated into portions to the user. Initially, there is a plan, and for each plan, there is a certain day and room. The user will then schedule a session with one or more lectures.

Why Event Management?

Save Time

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the basic steps of creating events...


Adding registration form, managing registration, organizing the program. In addition to take a look on the zoom integration, the real time tracker, and the report

Organize The Program

The system defines a clear information structure to the user. 


It also provides various entry points that may assist the user in determining how many events and visitors he has.

Avoid Loss

The system performs very high-quality computation. 


It establishes how much each event will cost. That is, everything is automated, and no human interaction is required.

Ease of Use

Everything on the menu is ready. 


To complete all information on the owners, the user will just follow and complete the basic steps. The system will then execute and activate the program.

Easy Steps

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  • Step 5

Create Events

The user can enter the basic information for each event, in the events' section.

Add Registration Form

Each Client can register by only providing their contact details, such as name, phone number, Gmail, etc.

Manage Registration

The user can check the visitors. There is a lecture for each speaker, and a moderator is present for each session.

Organize the Program

By choosing the day, hour, and location of the meeting, the user organizes it.

Zoom Integration

Real Time Tracker


The user can examine the data and determine whether an offline or online meeting has more attendees.

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