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Generator Management

By Ucheed Management Suite

About Generator Management

With the market need for generators in Lebanon increasing, and the number of subscribers increasing, Ucheed offers the owner software that helps him manage his work by providing him with numerous entry points that may assist in identifying how many subscribers he has. In addition to accurately assessing the sum paid and unpaid by the subscriber in order to avoid loss.

Why Generator Management?

Save Time

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the basic steps of adding clients' information...


adding a plan, subscriptions, and invoices, assigning collectors, and managing receipts.

Organize The Work

The system defines a clear information structure to the user.


It also provides various entry points that may assist the user in determining how many subscribers he has. Furthermore, he delivers the company's income and profits after deducting all expenses from revenue.

Avoid Loss

The system performs very high-quality computation. 


It determines the .... as well as the sum paid and unpaid by the subscriber with great accuracy. That is, everything is automated, and no human interaction is required.

Ease of Use

Everything on the menu is ready. 


To complete all information on the owners, the user will just follow and complete the basic steps. The system will then execute and return the result.

Easy Steps

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Add your Clients Information

Each client's essential information, such as name, e-mail address, cellphone number, and initial balance, can be entered by the user. Furthermore, he can enter their country, region, city, building, and apartment.

Add your Plan

By just entering the service name and monthly pricing, the user can configure his default plan for his clients.

Add Subscriptions

The user can specify the apartment, the client, the plan, and customize for each client his subscripions.

Assign Collectors

The user can add collectors and assign them to a specific building for invoices and receipts filtering, and collecting.

Add Invoices

Invoices are automatically generated with the click of a button for all active subscriptions for the selected month with the ability to print.

Manage Receipts

All unpaid invoices plus initial balance will be displayed here for each owner in the client listing section.

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